Did you know that android now runs on over 2.5 billion devices across the world? With the emergence of budget smartphones and affordable internet connectivity, people are using more apps and consuming more mobile services than ever before.

Today, the challenge in mobile app development is not about reach but…

We took one of the open-source weather app to analyze the performance. This particular app contains all the metrics related to startup time, method trace, and API monitoring.

Start-up time:

Implementation: Ideally, to calculate cold start we must track the starting point from the time when the app intent is launched. But…

App performance is a silent killer — we are always conscious about it but we start to act when it hits hard on the business & user experience.

Here are some reviews of Paytm latest version:

We have focused more on improvements of some hidden components of the product but below are some visible changes that you would see with the product.


Previously we had the metrics stacked below each other which was helping them to understand the timeline between the places where some parameters have…


A pre-prod performance monitoring tool for Android developers. We will talk more about app performance and how can you optimize the app performance. Follow us!

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